The Alliance of Campus Evangelists and Apologists

Connecting thousands of campus evangelists with hundreds of apologists.
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Bringing Together Campus Evangelists and Apologists

To connect thousands of campus evangelists with hundreds of apologists to unleash informed evangelism as a potent force on campuses to make effective the declaration of the life-giving gospel of Christ to high school and college students, today and tomorrow.

Nearly 40 million students attend the thousands of high school and college campuses across the United States

In these formative years of their life, students are searching for the meaning and purpose of life as they embarked on a journey to discover who they are in a context of learning the significance of the world in which they live. The culture of society is always shifting, as reflected in post-modern thought, and influences our educational system along with the contextual understanding of the world in which they live.

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ACEA beats with the heart to reach students on the campus with the good news of the gospel.

ACEA’s mission is to connect evangelists and apologists who are called to labor in reaching high school and college campuses. ACEA exists to encourage, equip and empower evangelists and apologists to be relevant in the presentation of the gospel in the context of post-modern culture and in today’s societal culture.

If you have a passion to reach high school and college campuses as an evangelist or apologist, please consider joining our relational network and gatherings.